Damiano Consulting & Compter Services Pricing
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Internet Marketing Packages
**Our marketing plans are designed to use the Internet as your main media. Your traditional marketing plan can be merged to create a cohesive, and thorough promotional strategy. Our plans consist of strategies that incorporate a thorough analysis of your marketing plans, your competitors, and your business services and products, as a contributing factor. Strategy is then composed of traditional marketing, and Internet marketing. After these stages are completed, implementation begins. Search Engine Optimization is performed to enhance your site for submission to search engines, directories, and metacrawlers.
**Our plans are modified for each client. The generic plans are base packages only. The customization contributes to our success in bringing you higher rankings, qualified clients, and profit. Your business systems are essential to consider in a strategic Internet marketing plan. Essentially, all the systems that will interact with how you intend to conduct business on the Internet contribute to or diminish other marketing and eCommerce factors.

**The plan you pick can be altered during the maintenance cycle. Maintenance is critically important for the first three months to fine-tune, collect, and analyze statistics that determine what is effective, and what needs change. During the maintenance cycle, we make alterations in different attributes to increase your Internet presence and reach your goals.

Submission Practices
**Manual submissions are labor intensive. Submission is performed after Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Each page is examined for content that is relative to the submission. SEO and submissions are directly interconnected. One affects the other and contributes to the overall quality of the process. Specific categories and regional settings are selected, then submitted to improve acceptance into major directories and search engines.

Basic Internet Marketing Plan from Damiano Consulting
Our basic plan consists of an analysis of the client's needs, mission statement, marketing goals, and target market. An analysis of the website is conducted. We prepare a report with marketing and submission strategy options and pricing. Basic optimization is not designed to make a website a number one with many keywords.
Choose one of our other packages to gain higher ranking with may different keywords or phrases
Basic Price of (257.00)US$-includes set up*, analysis including every page and image of your site, search engine optimization, meta tag design and changes, 18 submissions that are mutually agreed upon, 1-3 forms of traditional marketing, and Internet Marketing. It also includes 1 month of maintenance. A three-month maintenance contract is required.
**This maintenance contract costs
(32.50)US$-PER MONTH. A maintenance contract includes these services: checking the status of links, re-submitting any pages that were not spidered, suggesting improvements such as alternate page views, transforming images into links, and providing an end of month report.

**Set-Up- normally involves working closely with your web page designer and web site host. Web site design charges will apply if we perform web page design. In some cases, it complements our strategy to implement changes to the root directory of the web site and altering it to improve your optimization. This may incur fees contingent upon your provider. We contact you before implementing any changes, as additional costs may apply. Change action requests are billable. Our fee for programming and design changes is (47.77)US$-per hour.
Mid-Level Optimization Internet Marketing Plan by Damiano Consulting
This is our best selling plan that is ideally suited for most businesses with a conservative advertising budget.
This plan consists of an advanced analysis that includes the Basic Optimization service, an analysis of your competitors, target markets, marketing mix, demographics, and web site hosting analysis. The utilization of both traditional marketing and Internet marketing is an advanced service. The level of detail within our analysis concerning your marketing goals, mission, and product/service requires a commitment of time by the client. This service provides a well defined strategy that allows the client many more options to pursue in their Internet marketing strategy.
Mid Level Base Price
This plan starts at(357.00)US$ This includes set-up*, detailed analysis, including every page and image within your site. We request some design changes in your web site to enhance the optimization.
Also icluded is a thorough search engine optimization, with comprehensive Meta tag design also includes 50 submissions, which integrate with both the traditional, and Internet marketing strategy.
The mid-level package includes 1 month of maintenance. A three-month maintenance contract is required.
This maintenance contract costs (42.50) US$ PER MONTH. This maintenance contract includes these services: checking the status of your links, re-submitting any pages that were not spidered, building 3 alternate page views, and writing a press release for 3 subject-specific search engines, industry related journals, or a geographical Internet medium. End of month reporting is also included.

Lindows OS4
LindowsOS is a new, affordable, fun, and exciting operating system that delivers the power, stability and cost-savings of Linux with the ease of a windows environment. LindowsOS is easy to experience with its colorful, friendly interface. With its simple 10-minute installation, even computer novices can enjoy this modern, next-generation operating system with just a few simple clicks of their mouse.
The LindowsCD allows Microsoft Windows users to experience LindowsOS by trying it on their current computer without removing or affecting their existing Microsoft® Windows system in any way. Simply run the included FREE Bonus "LindowsCD."
(51.97)US$+ S&H
Lindows Office
Lindows Office includes Affordable Microsoft® Office® compatible word processing (.doc), spreadsheet (.xls), and presentation (.ppt) software. Includes:- Word Processing - Microsoft® Word® compatible word processor with spell checker and thesaurus- Graphics - Additional templates and extensive clipart gallery, create flyers and personal cards- Spreadsheet - Microsoft® Excel® compatible spreadsheet. - Bitstream Fonts - Make your documents read so much better with over 50 new fonts - Presentations - Microsoft® PowerPoint® Compatible presentation creator
(50.97)US$+ S&H

Lindows SurfSafe Internet Filtering
Protect your family from Internet pornography and other objectionable material - add SurfSafe web filtering! Includes:- Built-in operation within LindowsOS for the greatest protection possible- Proven better performance than MSN- Protection from known "bad" websites, plus new or dynamically-generated websites- Daily "bad" website database updates - Permanently turn SurfSafe on, or add password control for ultimate flexibility - Works with any Internet connection, regardless of ISP - Annual Service Subscription (46.97)+ S&H US
Lindows VirusSafe
Protect your PC from damaging computer viruses - add VirusSafe protection! Includes:- Start scans manually, or run in "scheduled" mode- Automated virus definition updating - Tight integration with LindowsOS - Ability to prevent transfer of Windows-based viruses to other, non-Linux computers - Annual Service Subscription (46.97)US$+ S&H
Linux based operating systems are less prone tp viruses than Windows operating systems. Damiano Consulting provides training for your family, business or organization. Support American Business