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This is my wife and I love her more than myself.
Lynnette is going through a lot. She has had so many things happen to her when she delivered our son. She went into a Coma after the delivery. A blood disorder consumed her body, it was called Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation. It was 5 1/2 days of living hell for me and her family.

On top of it all, she now has a disorder called Ashermans Syndrome. It is only by the grace of God that she keeps on. It was a miracle that she came out of that coma. The incident has certainly changed our lives.
Today life has been consumed with the all too many doctor appointments, figuring out how a student can pay for all of these medicines that my wife needs, filling out forms and trying to determine why a Honorably discharged Veteran has to fight so against the very government that he once defended. I still love my country, but our health care system is in utter chaos. It is no wonder so many go untreated and improperly diagnosed.

I assume that if you are this site, you are either: religous, researching health problems, looking at geneology. I hope that you get to know Jesus as we have. He has been the truth, the light and the way for us.
Medical costs in this country have soared to unmanageable levels. We are asking that if you came here to read this story, share in the Lord, or do some research and you feel that you may have a little more than we, and can help, please do so.
I have only one more year of school to go before I can fully support my family. This has been the hardest year. My family and I want to thank our visitors for thier inspirational words and patience. This has been a long and winding road.

Lynnette and Joseph
This was a Sunday morning before Church.
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I have changed my life to the new emerging needs of Lynnette and the conditions she has to live with. It is hard on both of us. She is filled with despair regarding what has happened. Our medical expenses are almost insurmountable. Average monthly prescriptions costs 400$+ and we can not afford the extra insurance premiums to cover these expenses.
My wife is the most beautiful woman in the whole world to me. She is compassionate and sweet. I do not think I would have her emotional restraint if this all happened to me.
The Disabled Directory is providing information about and for disabled people. Please visit thier site.

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Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

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Ashermans Syndrome

Us shorthly after Joseph was born.

Joey & his Kitty
Please help us support ourself by either recommending our business Damiano Consulting & Computers or clicking on the PayPal donation button. Our pharmacy bills normally exceed 700$ per month. Social Security does not cover Lynnette's respiratory medicines, and the great state of California does not do too much to help out either. It seems that approximately per month is too much income for aide with a family of four. This is an issue I am excited, and repulsed at. I cannot believe that such a gap can exist for disabled people. The Veterans Administration helps me completely, why does Social Security Disability only partially help thier disabled?