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What happened to my wife?
This is a picture of Lynnette. She was in a coma. She was unresponsive, and it was hard to see her like this, After all, she had just given me the greatest joy that I have ever known in my life. I prayed and held her hand, I brought a CD player and played our song, "looks like we made it" by Shania Twain. I brought our baby and laid him in her hands. I had to place her hands onto Joseph. I prayed that she could feel him. I cried, often I went at night when I could be alone with her. My Aunt came out from South Carolina to help me. I really needed it. I needed prayer for her. The doctor's were saying so many different things. Bad Things. One night a doctor told me to be prepared for the worst. I prayed so hard that this would not be. Thank You GOD for answering my prayers. And the prayers of everyone else that prayed for her.

And we all prayed...
Lynnette was on a respirator here. Joseph was laid in her arms. The nurses "vacumed" her lungs often to remove the fluid. Lynnette's best friend was there. She was the Rock of Gibraltar. God was my rock. I could not have done this alone. Jesus healed my wife as he did the bleeding woman in Mathew 10:20-23. Lynnette had faith in Jesus before any of this happened to her.

I could not have done this with out the support from all of our families, our church, our Pastor, our friends, and God. My wife went though a lot to bring the miracle of life before me. This is a gift that almost killed her. It almost killed us. The tragedy of what was occuring far overshadowed the beauty and the miracle that is our son.