The Damiano Family
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Welcome to our home site. We are so grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for his blessings bestowed upon our family. We want to share our family with you. Please keep us in your prayers, sign our guest book and we will surely pray for you.
My name is Joseph, I am the furthest from my roots. I found my wife Lynnette while I was active duty in the Navy. I decided to marry this beautiful woman and devote my life to our emerging family. This was a step I had never taken in my life. What a wonderful step upward to being whole in so many ways.
Joe & Lynnette in 1999
Many more updates to come...
The mission of this site is to link my family, our cousins, and relatives together as a large network. We can share each other in just a click. We can build together a history and lineage of our family.
Lynnette and Joseph Damiano Jr.

We will keep you updated on new additions to our site.
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